Step 1 //Organization Information

Thank you for your interest in covering an Insomniac event!

Please be advised that your submission does not guarantee approval. It is possible that your request will only be partially approved, or fully denied. Typically we permit up to TWO people maximum for festivals from each publication, depending on capacity.

Insomniac has a strict NO FILMING policy at all events. If you are found in violation of this policy, your media badge will be revoked and you may be ejected from the show and prohibited from receiving media credentials to future shows.

All events are 18+ unless otherwise indicated. All ticketed media must go through general admission security checks and bag searches.

For festivals you will hear back up to one week prior to the event date. Do NOT submit more than one request. This will not generate a faster response, and can actually hurt your chances for approval.

Thank you for your interest in covering an Insomniac event.

This form is for Insomniac's large scale festivals only. If you would like to request a media pass to a club show, concert or small festival, email

Please fill out the form carefully. If you do not see the festival or show you are looking for, credentialing has not opened yet or it has already closed. You must fill out one form for each show, you may not select multiple events. Please be advised that there is a no filming policy at the event.